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I welcome you to my pages. If you belong to those who want to learn to play on 5str. banjo, sing if they need any advice on buying an instrument, how to learn to play the banjo, playing in a band, playing on stage, playing on a microphone and the like, you are in the right place. I have an offer for you:

face to face or online

45 years on stage, studio experience, 30 years teaching, own textbooks and many students who today belong to excellent banjo players.
Private lessons at a professional level, face-to-face teaching in BA, online teaching (e.g. via Skype), one-time consultations and lessons via email, Skype, or teaching at workshops.
Banjo ( 3-finger technique, 2-finger technique, clawhammer, classic banjo style, single string, melodic style ), singing, playing in a band, playing on stage, working with a microphone, working in the studio, music theory, bluegrass, country, folk, tramp music ....

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Here you can order: Banjo books:
Banjo book for beginners Banjo book for beginners
with DVD
Advanced technique Backup banjo How to play a melody line Technique for improvisationTablature collection of 30 well-known Czech and Slovak compositions.

Tab and tab books:

Banjo lessons on DVDs

Realistic sounding accompaniment of songs of your choice at different tempos for practice in tab:

Video Lessons and Videos on YouTube:

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BlueGrass Album - 1
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Latest YouTube videos:

Bluegrassová dielňa Košice 1996
BlueGrass Album - Country 94
5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 07
5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 06 5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 05
5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 04 5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 03 5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 02 5str banjo - licky a triky - lick 01 5str banjo - Najčastejšie chyby pri hre
Take Five Vanished/Don't Cry Tex
Až dám zbohom
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Earl's Breakdown


Keď vchádza ráno
(OPUS 1986)

My nič my muzikanti
(OPUS 1987)

Country trh 1
 (OPUS 1988)

Život je život
(OPUS 1990)

Ziskuchtivý kráľ
(Sl.Rozhlas 1990)

Autumn 91
(MMO Austria 1991)

Čas letí
(PRO ART 1996)

The Time is Flye
(PRO ART 1996)

(JaBr  2000)

Over in The Gloryland
(SkBMA 2001)

Live EWOB 2002
(EWOB NL 2002)

Grunt 2004
(Leonart 2004)

Až dám zbohom
(JaBr 2005)

Live 2008
(Leonart 2008)

Steam 2
(JaBr  2009)

Ondro Tkač 60
(MjNOR 2020)

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